"I've used the trailer services every day on tour.  I'm convinced it has prevented injuries and lengthened my career.  I feel stronger and better because of it." Bernhard Langer

"The Physical Therapy trailer has been instrumental in my tour career.  Without question, I would not be able to compete at a high level the last 15 years if they weren't here.  I use it on a regular basis and by do doing, it will help me for many years down the road." Jeff Sluman

"I've played 21 years on both Tours and would not have the success I achieved without the benefit of the services offered by the therapy and fitness trailers." Fred Funk

"Having someone on-site that you work with weekly is invaluable, especially when you're hurt,"   "It's the same guys, and they know what you need."   "There's been times where I wake up and I can barely move my neck. And I come in here and these guys work magic so we can go out and play and put out a good product for fans."  comments Charlie Hoffman in a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer

"They're the best, they're just the best.", states Brad Faxon in a recent ESPN Article 

"They know each other real well. They make a great team. No one has an ego. No one knows more than the other. And they communicate real well together, which I like.   If I go in there and I'm struggling with my back or my wrist or whatever it may be, they all talk among each other ... It's nice to have a rapport with these guys and see them week in and week out." comments Jim Furyk in a recent ESPN Articles