Fitness Training

Physiofitness Associates brings mobile units on location allowing strength and conditioning to be convenient and accessible.

These mobile trailers are fully equiped with state of the art equipment to service several clients at one time.   These trailers can be made available on location to meet the needs of various organizations needs.

The Physiofitness Associates Fitness Trainers provide customized programs for the world’s best golfers. Many years of experience and knowledge of modern advances in training allows us to become the weekly choice of professional golfers when selecting training advice.  An individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall goals when providing training advice. These programs have helped the world’s best golfers avoid injury, increase endurance, improve strength, and enable them to enjoy a competitive advantage over those that choose not to incorporate fitness training as a vehicle for performance.

For more information on fitness training and rehabilitation, click here to see our physical therapy and fitness training associates working one on one with a professional athlete.